Bria Hudnall
Bria Hudnall
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My strongest suit as a Realtor is my integrity and the fact that I'm not primarily moved by money. I'm moved by doing good work, beating my personal best, and helping people. When you hire me to list your home, or to help you find your dream home, know that I take my job incredibly seriously. That means listening to your needs and acting on YOUR best behalf. I trust that by building a stellar reputation and doing excellent by you, I'll build a long lasting successful business full of satisfied clients who know they can always count on me. I'm a straightforward, assertive, intuitive, and generous person who doesn't give up when it comes to getting you into the home you've always wanted. And for my clients who list their homes with me, know that you're paying for top notch service by an ethically minded member of this community. I am an environmentally conscientious, compassionate, and active member in the fight for a better, cleaner world where all its inhabitants are treated with respect. I support my two adorable little ones as a single mother (albeit with a fantastic coparent and friend), local businesses with my commission, and charitable works. Thank you for helping me grow my business and let me help elevate you into the home you've always seen yourself in!